Patients are welcome to fill out the registration papers that are displayed on our website.

If the forms are filled out with use of the computer, be assured that your private patient information is not retained on our website.

If you wish, you may print out the forms, fill them in by hand, and hand the paperwork in at your first appointment.

The registration forms are available in the office. Patients are always welcome to fill out the registrations forms at the time of the initial patient visit.

At your initial visit, we will need our signed and dated registration forms. We will also need a copy of your driver’s license and your insurance card.

We always call the patient the day before the appointment to confirm the appointment. The patient does not need to be fasting for the appointment.

Always bring to your appointment all medications that you are taking. If bringing the medications in is difficult, please bring in a comprehensive list of medications that includes the dosage and the name of the prescribing doctor.

If you have medical records and /or lab work that you would like Dr. Sheldon to review, please bring those records with you to the appointment. We will copy the records, and return the originals to you. You may also call the referring physician, and request that your records be FAXed or mailed to our office. Any records that we receive before your appointment will be kept in a secure location until your appointment.

Thank you for your interest in our office!